The Long Goodbye: The Teenage Years


The Long Goodbye: The Teenage YearsThere were countless times when the boys were young and I felt like I was up to my eyeballs in chaos, that I’d hear: “The days are long, but the years are short.” Oh were they right! As this new chapter of high school begins with so much anticipation and happiness, I can also barely believe that we are here and we might only have a little bit more time with my son at home.  

As the years have gone by, it feels like everything is coming faster.

So many firsts and life-changing moments. The first day of high school, first car, first job, etc. With all those firsts, my kids become a little more independent. The kind of independence that makes you proud of who they are and makes you catch your breath at the same time. 

There are those moments where I want to pack my son’s bag for him when I have had enough eye rolls and dramatics. But there are so many good moments together that make up for those rough patches. It’s hard to believe that the little person I used to pick up can now look me squarely in the eye and give the best bear hugs!

I am going to cherish these next few years, the good and the bad days. I want to remember these moments, even in the mundane, everyday tasks. I am honored to have a front row seat watching my son grow into who will become during this season. 


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