Roadblocks To Love: Beyond Romance


Roadblocks To Love: Beyond RomanceI’ve been thinking about love lately, have you? Valentine’s Day holds a special place in my heart and I’ve always tried to celebrate true love during this time. Real love is so much more than romance.

Love, the powerful force that binds us together, comes in various forms beyond the realm of romantic relationships.

We often associate love with romantic entanglements, but it extends far beyond, touching friendships, family bonds, and connections with the world around us. However, this beautiful journey is not always smooth; it’s riddled with roadblocks that test our resilience and commitment to love in its many facets.

Expectations and disappointments: We are all vulnerable to being let down.

Love often comes with expectations, be it expecting reciprocity in relationships or anticipating specific outcomes. When reality doesn’t align with these expectations, disappointment can set in, creating a roadblock to love. Learning to manage expectations and embracing the unpredictability of relationships is crucial. I have found this to be especially true with my children as they grow into their own unique personhood.

Fear of vulnerability: It is risky to be real.

Vulnerability is the cornerstone of deep connections, but the fear of being vulnerable can be a significant roadblock to love. Opening up emotionally, sharing insecurities, and exposing our true selves can be daunting. Overcoming this fear requires trust, patience, and a willingness to be authentic, fostering stronger bonds with those we care about. We will never truly feel loved if we are fearful of sharing our true selves.

Unresolved past wounds: We must not build walls of self-protection.

Baggage from past experiences, whether in relationships or life in general, can cast a shadow on our ability to love openly. Unresolved past wounds can create trust issues, fear of commitment, or an unwillingness to let others in. Addressing and healing these wounds is essential for clearing the path to love. Take time to assess your ability to seek connection in a healthy way.

Communication breakdowns: We all have them.

One of the fundamental roadblocks to love is communication breakdown. Clear and honest communication is the bridge that connects hearts, and when it falters, it can lead to distance and emotional disconnection. 

Time and prioritization: Our schedules are often the enemy of relationships.

In our fast-paced lives, time becomes a precious commodity. Balancing work, personal pursuits, and relationships is challenging, often leading to neglect in one or more areas. Making time for loved ones and prioritizing relationships is crucial to prevent love from being overshadowed by the demands of daily life.

Love is an unfolding journey filled with both joy and challenges. Navigating roadblocks requires introspection, patience, and a commitment to growth. The reward of connection is worth overcoming any hurdle on the path to connection.


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