Motherhood Is A Lifelong Gift


Motherhood Is A Lifelong GiftMotherhood is more than a task or 18-year season; it’s an investment that provides lifelong gifts.

From the moment we learn a baby is on the way, our lives are forever changed. As mothers, we take on the responsibility of nurturing and shaping a life, putting the needs of our children first and supporting them through every season of their development. And while motherhood can be challenging (and is certainly exhausting), the lifelong value it brings is immeasurable.

One gift of motherhood is the deep sense of purpose that carries meaning.

Raising a child is one of the most fulfilling roles in my life and one of the most important in our society. We shape our community and make an impact in the future by the way we guide our children. Motherhood has taught me to look beyond my natural tendencies and strive to be my best self. We learn the art of sacrifice, patience, listening skills and juggling multiple tasks.

Through motherhood, we find a sense of community and connection.

We share bonds with other women in the same experience and those who have more history and wisdom. We turn to each other for support and encouragement, along with practical advice. There is a sense of sisterhood that becomes a source of strength and comfort during times of need. Then, we get to become the resource for the mothers in the stages through which we have already walked.

This lasting sense of legacy is perhaps the greatest gift I have received through motherhood.

Through my role as a mama, mommy, mom and mother, I am impacting the world in a way that reaches beyond my sphere. I’m able to share values, beliefs and skills that have a ripple effect and influence many. My own living heritage is reflecting me out in the world. My children will far outshine my own influence, yet in raising them, my own legacy is amplified.

My kids are not the center of my universe, and that wouldn’t be healthy. But I know my life is forever enriched by their presence and the gift I have been given through experiencing Motherhood.

Mother’s Day is coming. Whether your crew lavishes you or keeps things simple, it’s a good day to take the time to note the gifts you have received on the journey of motherhood. And maybe let your own or another mom in your life know that she is a great gift to you.


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