Goodbye “Goals”: Why Turning 30 Means Freedom


Well, it came, we celebrated and now I am finally the big 3-0. For years there have been things I wanted to “achieve” before this milestone age came to pass. Among other things, there were savings goals and weight goals and professional goals and behavior goals, literally so. many. GOALS…I don’t even remember them all. Someone could have published a daily e-newsletter about my ever-fluctuating expectations to all be achieved, and I’m not quite sure why, before that ripe old age of 30.

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OK, ladies, it may not come as a surprise but most of them didn’t happen. Some of the biggies did. I became accredited in public relations – earning this sought-after professional achievement; I traveled all over the country for my job; I bought a house; I lost weight and then subsequently put it back on; I ran more, then I ran, um, less. You get the idea.

There were some things that happened that probably should have been on that list. I had a baby for one and moved back in with my husband after a year spent commuting to see him while we both worked at the careers we loved.

And guess what. Did you notice that the things not on the list were probably a lot more gratifying and soul-inspiring? Yep and yep. I even wrote a letter to my 70-year-old self filled with things I love about my current life, none of which were on any long goal-list written in my 20s.

All I have to say about this ended up being a message to girls in their 20s. STOP. LIVE. 30 will come and, well, it just won’t seem that old. You will still wake up, despite the fact that you may currently believe you won’t, and your face won’t magically become a sea of wrinkles and flabby skin. It will not. I promise. And you may even take a look around and say, heck yes, I am 30, life rocks and I don’t give two flying burritos about the ten pounds I need to lose and the nose job I thought I needed, well, at least not nearly as much as you once did. News flash, no one finds your nose so horrifying they can’t sleep at night.

This is where I am in my life and the top 5 reasons I think being older than 29 is awesome:

1. CONFIDENCE: I’ve lived, I’ve learned and I know how to get things done. Dreams are a lot easier to achieve when you have the skills needed to make them happen. It makes me laugh when people say, “I’m too old to do that now.” Au contraire “old” friend, you have years of experience that you can use to own that new dream.

2. I get that relationships are everything. Oh, how I wish this didn’t take 20-year-olds so long to learn. And man-oh-man, does this lesson sometime never stick, but after years in the professional world it normally, eventually becomes clear. NO ONE wants to do business with someone they don’t like.

3. I understand that death is a thing. It sounds depressing, but it’s no longer something I want to ignore. This beautiful life will one day come to an end and that really puts things in perspective. Those little goals I wanted to achieve in my 20s? I won’t care a bit about them on my deathbed. All I’ll care about is that I lived and loved and laughed…hopefully a lot.

4. My parents molded me and know me well. It’s time to know them well. I’ve always appreciated my parents but now, at 30, I appreciate them in a very different way. I’m thankful for all they gave for me but I also realize that they have their own life and things they care about. I try to remember to ask about how they are doing, not just fill them with news about my own life. I’m still working on this one (they will laugh when they read this because I just blabbed to them about all the things I’m excited about in my life) but respecting them as human beings with their own dreams and hobbies and passions is so important.

5. I’m open to change. Forget trying to work and work and work. I will always give a lot to my career but I’ve realized that there’s a good chance life will happen and I’m now ready for that. In my 20s I spent a lot of time forcing myself down one path up, up, up, but with a huge network of friends I’ve met along the way it’s now easy to see all the different opportunities life has in store. I’m open to anything and everything, and that feels good. Is this freedom? Maybe.

So here I am world, 30 and ready for this next chapter. Dare I say proud? That sounds nice. I’m proud to be moving forward in this world and in this life. Bring. It. On.

What do you love about being out of your 20s? Or things you’re looking forward to about conquering this big birthday?

Turning 30

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