Knoxville Murals Scavenger Hunt


Knoxville Murals Scavenger Hunt

Knoxville is a city filled with endless fun and family-friendly things to do. If you’re anything like me and the slightest bit of nice weather has you itching to get outside, then I have the perfect thing for you to add to your family-fun-to-do-list: an around-town mural scavenger hunt! All over the city, you can stumble upon hidden art masterpieces that are just waiting for you. From the sides of restaurants, shops, the ever-changing and popular Market Square graffiti, to the charming, smaller surrounding towns, you are sure to find walls with stories to tell and colors that captivate.

If you need a fun last-minute family photo, want to show off our town to the visiting family this holiday season, or just need a day of entertainment for the kids, then head on out the door with this mural list in mind. Nothing beats a day of free family entertainment that involves anticipation and excitement around every turn. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means; so buckle those kiddos in the car, tell them you’re going on a scavenger hunt and that they need to keep their eyes wide open!

World’s Fair Park

This colorful mural in remembrance of those lost to COVID-19 can be found outside the Sunsphere in World’s Fair Park.

Knoxville Visitors Center

Photo: Terra Gomez 

You can find this mural on the left side of the Knoxville Visitors Center. It is a tribute to Knoxville with various icons we are known for. 

Downtown Knoxville – Seasonal

Photo: Meredith Mousa (2021)

This mural is near Market Square and it changes with the season! It is frequently updated, so make sure to check it out and see what’s new when you’re downtown. 

Likewise Coffee

Photo: Mary Beth Unthank 

You’ll find this vibrant tribute to Knoxville on Magnolia Avenue. 

Melrose Place

Photo: Missy Robinson

Another mural with Tennessee legends and icons. Check out this one right by The University of Tennessee campus.


If you know me, then you know I love Dollywood. They have lots of murals within the park, but here are a couple of my favorites! The butterflies are in Wildwood Grove and the Dolly quote is in the Emporium. 

Weaving Rainbow Mountain

Photo: Katherine Oliver Birkbeck

You’ll find these colorful stairs between the UT campus and World’s Fair Park.


Photo: Lauren Bouch

Who doesn’t love Dolly? Even though you’ll find her in Art Alley, I just love her so much I thought she needed her own recognition!

Jerry’s Artarama

Photo: Ana Moreno

You’ll find these swirling swimming fish off Homberg Drive in Knox.

Knox Dough

Photo: Chelsea Huskey

I’m not one to turn down some angel wings. These can be found in Farragut.

Art Alley

Photo: Jessica Hurst

When I was crowdsourcing for cute kid photos for this article, I had SO many for Market Square/Art Alley I couldn’t include them all. The backdrop there is always changing and what you see today may not be there the next time you visit, so be sure to take the photo!

Photo: Ashley Lawrence
Photo: Erin Toews


Outside of Knox, in the sweet town of Clinton, you’ll find this hometown mural at Spindle Tree.

Photo: Katherine Oliver Birkbeck


Also outside of Knoxville, over in Maryville, you’ll find a mural both your little and big superheroes will LOVE! It’s by the courthouse at the intersection of Court Street and High Street.


Photo: Sara Slovak Brown

South of Knoxville, you’ll see beautiful butterfly wings fit for people both big and small. To the left of these big wings, you’ll find another pair small enough for all the littles in the family, including the dog! These are in the heart of downtown Maryville off Broadway.

Doors of The Standard

Photo: Jessica Hurst

This one isn’t your typical wall-painted-mural, but who can turn down such a beauty of a backdrop?

K Brew

What better way to show off the town than this postcard-esque mural? You’ll find it off North Broadway at K Brew!


You’ll find no shortage of butterflies in Sevier County. Dolly loves butterflies and her hometown pays homage to her any chance they can! This one is in downtown Sevierville.

If you have a mural to add to our list, please comment below and let us know where it is. Let’s get our local art seen and heard! If you know the artist or story behind the painting, please share it with us.



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