Feeding My NICU Baby {Feeding Your Baby Series}

I really had no clue what to expect before I had my first child.  I definitely planned to breastfeed him, and I had some...

Super Bowl = Super Yum

Confession time: not quite sure which teams are playing in the Super Bowl this year. Like millions of others across America, I'm approximately 0%...

4 Simple Reasons We Chose the Simple Life

Growing up, you start to formulate these daydreams in your mind about what your future will look like. If those thoughts drift to marriage...

Valentine’s Day Crafts

I love to do crafts! I especially love to do them with my kids. Sometimes I love the idea of doing them with the...

Low Carb Cookie Dough Dip

My favorite recipes are ones that are quick, simple, and of course, delicious. I'm on a low carb kick lately, but sometimes low carb...

Penelope’s Birth Story {Birth Story Series}

Or as I like to call it: "I Am Now An Expert On Every Possible Way to Attempt to Give Birth to a Child." I'm...

Milky Smiles {Feeding Your Baby Series}

Breastfeeding my children has been one of the more emotionally-driven parenting decisions I’ve made.  Before my son was born, I had decided that his...

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