Marisa McCroskey

Childhood Speech Apraxia

A Mother’s Worry: My Son Has Childhood Speech Apraxia

As a mother, you always want your children to thrive. You imagine your children saying their first words or starting their very first day of school, making a bunch of new friends, and then telling...

The Highs and Lows of a Makeup Junkie

Yes, the secret is out...I have a problem. A serious problem. I am a MAKEUP JUNKIE!! I probably need to go to "Makeup Junkies Anonymous." Anyone who knows me, knows I am a makeup...

Budget Friendly DIY: Kids’ Room Wall Decor

Today I am sharing with you some fun, yet budget-friendly décor for your child's room. When I say "budget friendly," some of these projects were even free...yes folks, I said FREE! I'm going to show you...

DIY Seed Bombs: Fun Craft for Kids

Hello to all you fabulous Mamas, Dads and everyone in between! I have found such a fun, yet simple "Do It Yourself" craft for you to make with your kiddos. These, my friends, are...
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Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Sign: Rustic DIY Decor

Hello, all you fabulous mamas out there. My name is Marisa and I'm thrilled to share my latest, greatest and thrifty DIY project. Are you one of those gals who thinks you don't have...