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Guest Blogger
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Life Turned Upside Down

Life Turned Upside Down

"Don’t you know how that happens?”  “42 and pregnant? I couldn’t imagine.”  “When your baby is graduating, you will be 60.”  Welcome to my life. Well, at least, comments made about my life after it...
3 Mantras for the New Mom

3 Mantras For The New Mom Who Has A Mental Health Disorder

Some people suggested you shouldn’t have children: You need to get a grip on yourself before you think about having a family. What if you forget to take your medicine one day? Your disorder could be...
Five Ways to Make Your Marriage a Priority After Having Kids

Five Ways To Make Your Marriage A Priority After Having Kids

It’s easy to let your marriage slip after having kids. Kids demand so much from you and it can feel like time with your spouse is at the bottom of your “to do” list....

Networking: It’s Not Just For Executives

Let’s face it: parenting is hard. When your kids are little, it seems like every month there’s a new phase you are trying to navigate. Which brand of diapers is best? How in the...
Take a Stand National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Take a Stand: National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

It was my fault he said. We had both had too much to drink. I went into the laundry room to change a load over; he came in, called me names, and said he...
Levi's Legacy

The Real Truth About Drowning :: It Happens in Seconds

This was the summer I was going to teach my 3 year old nephew, Levi, how to catch a frog. Instead, I sat in the front pew of a church as my twin sister...
New Year New School Printable

New School Year :: New Binder Printable

Like most mamas of school-age kids, my “new year” does not start on January 1st. The first day of school is what marks a brand new year for us – our calendar is full,...