I’m Kara, wife and mom of 3. A Florida native, I relocated to Knoxville over a decade ago to pursue a master’s degree where I promptly fell in love with the endless supply of sweet tea, southern hospitality, and peach cobbler. Oh, and my husband! I’m a physician assistant by day, wife and mom by day and night. When I’m not caring for sick patients, I enjoy traveling as a family and spending time with friends at local events downtown. We had always called Knoxville home, but after returning from spending two years living abroad, our lives are forever changed. We left a piece of our hearts on an island out in the Pacific Ocean and took with us the desire to see more. If words could explain, I’d write a book, but until then, occasional blurbs and social media posts will do!

Eggcellent Easter Events

Have you all experienced Easter in Knoxville yet? Maybe you're new to the area, or maybe you're a long time local but new to experiencing Easter with children old enough to "get it." Let...
Cruisin' With Your Homies

Cruisin’ With Your Homies

While cruisin' with your homies aka mess-making, snack-eating monsters, eh hum, I mean children, you should be prepared for anything. Because if you haven't learned yet, you soon will that some days, you-know-what literally...
Just a Phase

Just a Phase

Motherhood is a beautiful mess. So many beautiful incidences fill your days, so much so that there won't be nearly enough time to capture them all, leaving it all a memory, and so special...

Handy, Useful, and Completely Unnecessary

I'm all about convenience. Who doesn't love convenience? And when you add two children into the mix, the more convenient something makes life, the better. Fortunately someone somewhere has thought of many, many ways...

2nd Annual Knoxville Christmas Tree Farms Round Up

Are you looking for a fun way to spend the day with your family in full Christmas spirit? That too-good-to-be-true Christmas pine scent to last all winter long? A fun new family tradition to...

2nd Annual Knoxville Holiday Event Round-up

And you thought fall in Knoxville was good...you just wait! The air has turned cool and crisp. Leaves scatter the ground everywhere you look. Windows are lined with holiday displays. Christmas music spills from...
Terrible Twos Try Threenagers!

Terrible Twos? Try Threenagers!

Threenager: a person age 3 years old possessing the attitude and demeanor of a teenager.  Threenagers are sneaky. They are smart and creative. And just plain evil. It is mind boggling sometimes to think about...