Jamie Mikol

Jamie resides in Knoxville, TN with her husband, Joe, and her 3 kids - Eva, Alexandra (Alex) and Ozzie. When she is not doing SAHM things you can find her watching movies, drinking wine, having fun with neighbors and writing. She also has a dusty blog at My Groggy Bloggy that she hopes to revive, along with other writing endeavors! Her favorite smell is marshmallows from the outside of the bag and her least favorite feeling is walking barefoot on all the crumbs on her floor.

Angels On The Wings

As spring break quickly approaches, we are all prepping for our road trips, cruises, air travel, and staycations. While I like traveling to far-off places, flying isn’t my fondest form of travel. This year,...

Book Review: How To Break Up With Your Phone {Part 1}

“We must act, individually and collectively, to make our attention our own again, and so reclaim ownership of the very experience of living. -- Tim Wu, The Attention Merchants I began reading the extremely eye-opening book...

Clean Home. Clean Mind. Clean Slate.

Every January, as the last of the holiday decorations come down, homes everywhere feel empty. Not in the spiritual sense or emotionally, but quite literally our houses feel empty once we’ve removed an entire...

The Christmas Chaos Countdown

I seem to have the same conversation year after year with various friends and family members: “Where did the year go?!” “Time keeps moving faster as I get older!" “How is it almost ?!” As a child, I...

Putting The HOT In Hot Yoga

I love a good workout. Well…let me rephrase that. I hate working out, but I love how I feel afterwards: accomplished, strong, energized, confident. There are SO many fitness options these days, but I...

Great-Grandparent Love

I was a lucky kid growing up. I had three sets of grandparents which meant being adored by three spoiling grandmas and three fun grandpas. In addition to that, three of their parents were...

I Would Not Do A Surprise Gender Birth Again

There was a time, not too long ago, when every pregnant woman had to wait until the birth of her child to find out its gender. Modern technology has allowed us to plan more...