Angela Thompson

Growing up in the Midwest, then living a short time in Florida, I have never felt more at home and cared for by people than I do here. We love calling Knoxville our home. After my son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy our lives and priorities changed completely. We spend our days driving around the many areas of Knoxville going to different appointments. I also spend my time trying to advocate, educate, and inspire moms with children with special needs. (This can be found at We love finding fun activities to do where my son can enjoy and feel included.
I Don't Want My Son To Be Proud of Me

I Don’t Want My Son To Be Proud of Me

Yes, that's right. I said what I said. I don't want my son to be proud of me and there is one very specific reason. To explain, I have to start with a story.  I...
What Should Stay At Home Moms Get Paid?

What Should Stay-At-Home Moms Get Paid?

Stay-at-home moms can be some of the most overlooked professions. Yes, you heard me right: being a stay-at-home mom is a profession. I have been in the working force since I was legally allowed...

The Parent Date Night Paradox

Let's face it: a parents' date night almost seems like a ridiculous or impossible idea. Finding time to go out on a date with your spouse or partner looks very different after having kids,...

Follow Along On Our Yes Day

We recently did a Yes Day for our son. Because of my son's disability, we had to do a little adapting. Since he is non-verbal, I printed out sets of two of his favorite...

Missing Water Play In The Wintertime?

Some of our best days of summer are spent at various water parks, pools, and splash pads. My son loves water and so does my niece. In the wintertime, it can be hard to...
Knowingly Making The Biggest Mom "Mistake"

Knowingly Making The Biggest Mom “Mistake”

When becoming a mother, everyone tells you to not let your child become your identity. That advice is a luxury for mothers who have children born with complications that lead to lifelong challenges for...
A Very Special (Needs) Gift Buying Guide

A Very Special (Needs) Gift Guide

The holidays can look a little different for families when someone they love is a part of the special needs community, children especially. I see this first-hand because my son is part of that...