Five Minute Fall Decor


Five Minute Fall Decor

It’s almost time to add fall touches to our decor! Here are a few ways to add some fall touches in five minutes or less without breaking the bank. All of these ideas incorporate year-round accessories that easily move season-to-season by changing out the filler decor. 

This centerpiece is so easy to make! It uses a long wooden bowl that works wonderfully for kitchen tables or coffee tables. It is easy to change out seasonally. We use Reindeer Moss and Spanish Moss year-round in almost all floral designs and vignettes. It adds beautiful depth and texture, even with faux arrangements. Jack Be Little Pumpkins are easy to pick up at most grocery stores or you can grab some faux ones at the craft store. Don’t like the color? Paint them. An easy way to make a centerpiece that will work all the way through Thanksgiving.

Five Minute Fall Decor
{Silverplate is pretty year round. Just add a little pumpkin to make it fall! Image from The Back Porch Mercantile, Knoxville, TN.}

This little grouping of silverplate goblets I filled with reindeer moss, a white Jack Be Little Pumpkin and a small grapevine craft wreath. I am always on the hunt for silverplate when I am out scouring antique and thrift stores. These are usually easy to find!

Five Minute Fall Decor
{Popcorn is the most popular vase filler we use in the shop. You can reuse it next year too! Image from The Back Porch Mercantile, Knoxville, TN.}

If you have any hurricane or large glass vases, simply fill them with popcorn, beans or birdseed with a candle for pretty fall look.

Five Minute Fall Decor
{Use a small wreath on the back of chair, as a charger or underneath a large bowl. Another easy seasonal element. Everyone needs a touch of green in their home! Image via The Back Porch Mercantile, Knoxville, TN.}

Use a small wreath to tie on the back of a chair, place under a plate as a charger or hang on a mirror. These are so versatile!

Some of my favorite everyday containers to change out seasonally are large glass vases, silverplate of all sizes, vintage trophies and cloches. In addition, a bag of Reindeer and Spanish Moss are perfect for adding texture year round. Just add a few seasonal pieces to these and you’ll be done decorating in a flash!

What’s your favorite way to bring fall in?


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