River's Edge Christian Academy

Truly the best thing that's ever happened for my son's education

After struggling for a couple of years at our previous schools for grades 3 and 4, someone told us about River’s Edge.  I so hoped that the blend of classroom education with home study days would work for our family and my son.  He was beginning to get a complex and “feel dumb” at the old school.  We were so right!  We’re now in our 3rd year at River’s Edge.  The home days are perfect for my son to catch up and take the time he needs to complete things.  The teachers at River’s Edge are so loving and understanding.  You can truly tell they are not there just because it’s there job, they love what they do.  They love our kids.  With the small class size it’s so much easier for them to meet your child where they are at.  As a result, my son’s self esteem has grown and he’s made friends and he’s no longer stressed about going to school.  We absolutely love River’s Edge!

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The Best of Both Worlds
  • Amber Quinn reviewed 5 years ago
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We love River’s Edge Christian Academy!  The university-structured model of three days on campus and two days at home really is the best of both worlds for us.  In addition to the grade-appropriate curriculum, my children have learned self-reliance, organization, and study skills at a young age and are empowered to manage aspects of their own education. The teachers at RECA make it easy to teach on home days by providing excellent lesson plans.  Teachers are available to answer questions if needed.  We are truly blessed to have found a school that meets our family’s needs so well.

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We love RECA!
  • Brandi Magee reviewed 4 years ago
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This is our 8th year at River’s Edge, and all 3 of my children have attended there.  We love so much about it—the extra family time, the smaller class sizes, the amazing teachers who are so committed to the model, the rigorous academics, the Christian atmosphere, and the small family-feel where everyone knows my children.  I highly recommend to anyone who is feeling uncertain about full time school or would like to be more involved in your child’s education without actually homeschooling.  Our most unexpected benefit from RECA is our slower pace of life and the close relationship my kids share from spending so much time together.

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