Rachel DeAngelis

I am a Florida girl who has lived all over the map (including overseas in China!), but for the past seven years I've been putting down roots in Knoxville, Tennessee. Besides being the mother of the cutest two little boys in the world (it's true...check Guinness), I am also a cat-whisperer, a Dollywood Insider, and a high-school English teacher. You can read about all of my latest shenanigans on my blog.

Handling Hateful Words From Your Children

I remember the first time my youngest told me that he hated me. He spit those words out of his mouth like venom, hitched between sobs, after misbehaving and consequently losing a privilege. I...

Unique Opportunities For Pet Adoption Around Knoxville

This summer, our little family decided to adopt a new kitten. When I started to research adoption options around town, I was amazed to discover that there are so many programs available beyond the...
Stuck In A Breakfast Rut

Stuck In A Breakfast Rut

In our house, breakfast is a super rushed, on-the-go affair during the school year. Usually eaten in the car on the ride to school, my kids survive on Pop-Tarts and Little Bites muffins from...

Divorced Mom’s Summer Blues

All across the country, families are either counting down the days until summer or just beginning their summer vacations. Pools are opening, kids are running around barefoot through sprinklers in their front yards, and...

How I Purchased A Home In The Middle Of A Housing Crisis

It's no secret that the housing market has been crazy lately, but only people who have gone shopping for a home this year truly understand how deep the rabbit hole goes. The prices on...

A Letter To My Oldest About My Divorce

Last night as I was tucking you into bed, you looked uncharacteristically contemplative. I pulled up the covers and brushed your hair away from your forehead, looking deep into those big wide eyes by...

Buying A House In 2022

What a time to be alive. 2020 brought us a global pandemic, and 2021 brought us a crazy housing market in which home prices increased at an even faster rate than they did prior...