Rachel DeAngelis

I am a Florida girl who has lived all over the map (including overseas in China!), but for the past few years I've been putting down roots in Knoxville, Tennessee. Besides being the mother of the cutest two little boys in the world (it's true...check Guinness), I am also a wife, cat-whisperer, and high-school English teacher. You can read about all of my latest shenanigans on my blog.
New Year, New Entryway

New Year, New Entryway

It's the season of making resolutions, and this year, I'm resolving to make my house feel more like my home. We moved in last spring, and I've got a to-do list a mile long...

Raising My Mini-Me

Not too long ago, I caught my five-year-old trying to rip up his All-About-Me poster due as a kindergarten assignment the following day. We had worked really hard on it together. Why would he...

Confessions of a Sugar Addict

My name is Rachel, and I have a problem. I can eat entire sleeves of Oreos at a time. I often take it upon myself to single-handedly finish off the leftover birthday cake at work.  I have...

We’re Far from the Shallow Now

This summer I enrolled you in swim lessons. I did this despite the fact that you are terrified of the water and climb up my shoulder like a cat when I carry you into...

A Grandmother’s Legacy

If you had asked me when I was a child to define what a "grandmother" is, I would have given you all of the stereotypical attributes. I would have described a little old lady...

Moving with Children is Just as Stressful as You Think it Will Be

So you've decided to buy a new home? Congratulations! Fair warning, though: moving to a new house with children in tow is just as stressful as you think it will be. Just go ahead...

Throw the SIMPLE Birthday Party

Hi, my name is Rachel and I am a Pinterest addict. I am guilty of spending hours upon hours scrolling and pinning projects that I have no real intention of ever completing (even though...

My Car is Dirtier than Yours

When I turned sixteen, my parents bought me a brand new Volkswagen Jetta and I was so proud of it. I washed it every single weekend -- a full detail, including scrubbing the tires,...

Let’s Talk About Finding the Right (Postpartum) Bra

When I was 27-years-old, I had no kids and held a part-time job at Victoria's Secret while I worked my way through graduate school classes. Part of the reason I chose Victoria's Secret out of...

Dear Winter, I Hate You

Can we all just take a few moments to acknowledge that there are three months on the calendar that no one really likes? I'm looking at you, January, February, and March. The holiday season...

Leaving Out Big Brother: The Dark Side of Parenting

When my oldest son was born, he was my everything. I was in awe of his tiny features, meticulously documenting each milestone that he hit. I felt like we had a near-psychic connection in...

I Learned All of My Important Life Lessons from the Gilmore Girls

Oy with the poodles, already! If you don't understand what that means, then you may not be a Gilmore Girls superfan. I watched the show when it originally aired on the WB. I was the...