Mary Beth Unthank

Knoxville born and bred, my love for this area is deep and true! I'm a working-turned-stay-at-home mom to 4 kiddos from preschool to middle school. My husband and I live in Knoxville where he is a pastor and I get to work with a pretty amazing group of middle schoolers. I love watching my kids learn something new, cooking for other people (but not for myself), and telling myself I'm a #fitmom when I go to the gym like once a week. I'm a bottle-feeding, disposable diapering, public-schooling (other than that one kid I'm homeschooling this year) mom with the stereotypical chill attitude of moms with large(r) broods. I love meeting new people, but I talk way too much and laugh when I'm uncomfortable. If you don't mind long stories and bad jokes, we are sure to be friends! Follow my family adventures on my blog Unthank You Very Much
Group Fitness Changed My Life

Group Fitness Changed My Life

It’s no secret that I’m an "unconventional" gym rat. I’m not as consistent as I once was, and I’m still carrying most of the “baby” weight from my five-year-old, but one thing I will...

I Never Learned to Cook

“You kids should know, your mom did not learn to cook from me!” said my mother, sitting at my kitchen table. My parents were visiting from out of town, and while they often enjoy treating...

I May Not Be Skinny, But The Gym Is My Self-Care

I’m not skinny. I never have been, really. I was a healthy kid, curvy teen, and now I’m an “ultra plush” mom of four. My pants always wear holes in the thighs, the back of...

Hitting the Gym: My First Time Post-Pandemic

Once, many moons ago, I was a fit person. I woke up every morning at 5:30 and hit up Gold’s Gym before my family awoke. After coming home to breakfast with my husband and...
Homeschooling Students' Advice for Newcomers

Homeschooling Students’ Advice for Newcomers

The time has come, warrior mamas! After 436 years... 59 months... wait, what year even is it anymore? Still 2020? STILL?! Oh sweet lord, okay, after WAY TOO MANY DAYS of being home with our...
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Hold On To What Unites Us

I come from a large family. My dad is one of nine siblings, and almost all of them still live within an hour of their childhood home. Even though I’m one who lives farther...

I Don’t Want My Life Back

"I just want to go back to normal!”  The last few months have been a mess, y’all. We started 2020 with Australia on fire, followed quickly by a possible World War III, presidential impeachment, global...

My Favorite Season Is This One

My favorite season has got to be this one. The first glimpse of a sticky Southern summer is on the horizon, days filled with sun and sweat and laying around doing absolutely nothing. We will...

Hello Quarantine, You’re Not Enough

Captain’s Log, Quarantine Day Whatever: We have been confined to our home for approximately 945 days. Or a month. Or twelve years. I don’t even know anymore. The natives are restless. Skies are blue, sun...

Work It Out: Why I Let My Kids Fight

Picture it: It’s Thursday afternoon, and your kids are watching TV after school. It’s not quite time to get dinner started, so you take the moment of quiet to sit down and read a book....

I’m a Mean Mom

I have a confession. I don’t mean the kind of confession you make with head hung and eyes averted with shame; quite the contrary, I am proud to admit this to you and the...

Drop-In Childcare at the New Athleticademy

When I first heard of drop-in childcare, I thought it was the most brilliant idea ever invented. When I heard a drop-in childcare center called Athleticademy was coming to Knoxville, I nearly cried I...