Lindsay Ruggieri

Lindsay Barrows Ruggieri lives in East Knoxville with her 3-year-old daughter and husband. Lindsay owns Custom Love Gifts, Events, and Prints, a company in the wedding industry offering Event Planning, Gourment Favors, and Wedding Stationery. Lindsay is co-owner of The Bride Link, which offers expert wedding planning advice, including a Youtube Channel and Podcast. Lindsay has Masters degrees from WVU in Industrial Relations as well as a MBA.
Black and Blue Halloween Party

Black & Blue Halloween Party Inspiration

A couple of days ago I finally felt the crisp fall air coming through. It didn't last long and it was sandwiched between two 90°F degree days, but sure enough, it was proof that...

The Reason I Am Always Late

I’m always late. I think it is hereditary as my mother is always late and we both firmly believe we can get anywhere in 15 minutes. As a child, I never got to see...

Why are You Wasting Time for the Sake of Convenience?

We are all busy, right? And one-time use, pre-packaged, single serving, on-the-go, easy to dispose of (but not really easy to dispose of) products flood the market. Our belief is these single-serving items are...