Jasmine Ball

Hi, I’m Jasmine Ball – wife, mom, and founder of BTM Writing Services. My days are usually divided between being a stay-at-home mom of an energetic 1-year-old (Trinity), running my home-based business, and getting to know what all Knoxville has to offer. I’m originally from Selma, AL, and have since lived in a few different places and a few different states before settling down in Knoxville, TN in 2019 with Chris – my husband of 6 years (together for 11 years). Since we’re newer to Knoxville, we mostly spend our time getting used to what life looks like now as new parents in a new state in a pandemic. It’s a whole new world and we’re ready to take on the new adventures.
The Only Thing That Helped My Baby’s Eczema

The Only Thing That Helped My Baby’s Eczema

There is nothing more heartbreaking as parents than seeing your child uncomfortable because of a problem you can’t figure out how to solve. Imagine your child itching all of the time, tearing away at...

Rainy Day Blues? Fun Things To Do With Toddlers on a Rainy Day

So you’re finally getting the hang of this parenting thing. You’ve built up a nice rhythm and routine. You know when you wake up, you’re going to go to a playground or to the...