Originating from England, Carly is proud as downhome punch to call Knoxville her home city now. The UK ain’t got nothing on the colors of an East TN Fall! When she’s not attached to her laptop running her own business, she’s attached instead to her husband and three kids, all of whom make her life a joy and a hoot day after day. She loves the outdoors, loves a bargain (who doesn’t?) and is thrilled to be a part of the KMB team.
I'm a Social Media Mom

I’m a Social Media Mom

As far as the social issues of our era go, I'm pretty sure at this point that the integration (or lack thereof) of social media and family life is one of the hottest topics...

True Confession: I Don’t Know How to Dress for my Age

Age and change tend to creep up on you I find. It doesn't seem but a moment ago that I could strut with confidence on a night out or shop with sheer enjoyment as...
Minimizing Christmas, Maximizing Us

Avoiding Holiday Burnout: Minimalizing Christmas, Maximizing Us

'Tis the season once again: a time of goodwill, reflection, family, and for us, a household-wide preparation for the influx of stuff.  I'm not just talking gift giving, though that is a post in and...
3 Easy Fall Recipes to Knock Your Socks Off

You Can’t Do THAT with a Pumpkin: 3 Easy Fall Recipes to Knock Your...

It's officially my favorite time of year. Fall, is finally upon us. It's my die hard fave for a lot of reasons: the cooling weather, the dramatic hues and shades of the changing leaves...
Living Big by Living Small

To Have or Have Not…? Living Big by Living Small

We've been on a bit of a journey recently, family-wise.  You see, like many others in our generation we found ourselves several years ago very, very normal. So normal in fact that we had racked up...
Beware the Mommy Martyr

Beware the “Mommy Martyr”

Mommy martyrs.  We've likely all met one before. Always put upon, always over-tired, always with something to do for someone, somewhere.  We also likely all know those other moms who make it all seem effortless, who...
Ice-Cream For Dinner (and other toddler blood oaths)

Ice Cream After Dinner (and Other Toddler Blood Oaths)

It's not just my kids. It can't be. Surely not.  There's a running joke in our house about 'toddler blood oaths.' You see, our kids, be they two or almost five, will forget their shoes,...