Nani Kalani Dress Review {Giveaway}


Cover PictureIt’s not everyday that my little Pirate gets to dress up and feel like a Princess.  But we had a shower for baby brother last week, and thanks to Knoxville mom, Melissa Desmond, and her online boutique Nani Kalani Clothing, my Pickle felt like a Big Sister Princess ALL DAY LONG!

I had the privilege of reviewing Nani Kalani’s “Serenity Dress,” a gorgeous little piece of sunshine in pink and yellow.

LeavesWhen it arrived in the mail, I couldn’t help but notice the packaging.  Exciting, I know.  But seriously, if you’ve ever ordered something and had it arrive late in flimsy packaging that got soaked through in a rogue summer rain, you know the value of Nani Kalani’s extra efforts.  The Serenity Dress was shipped to me using FedEx and was double packaged in a FedEx envelope AND a waterproof, eco-friendly, well-sealed wrap!  I was too lazy to get the scissors, so I kinda had to tear into it viciously, but in the end I was grateful for the extra effort that kept the dress perfect.

The first things I noticed about the dress were the beautiful bright colors and the very lightweight material.  Everything about it felt quality and chosen with care.  From the sunny yellow knit bodice to the soft pink sash.  The colors and patterns were modern and girly.  It just made me happy.  And the Pickle fell in love immediately.

KissesThen we put it on.

Now, I hadn’t been sure what size to ask for.  My girl is somewhere between a 3T and a 4T, so I told Melissa to take her best guess.  And while I might say that the 3T was a little small for my three-and-a-half year old, I was absolutely in LOVE with the way it hit right above her knees and gave the dress a vintage feel.

The length of it also aided in one of our huge clothing priorities: mobility.

She’s adorable in a dress, but the fact is, clothing can’t slow down my little adventurer.  In the Serenity dress, my Big Sister-to-Be was still able to climb, crawl, jump, twirl, and just be herself.


Nani Kalani Clothing specializes in handmade girls’ clothing that are wonderfully created with heart in Tennessee and are fun, sassy, and one-of-a-kind.  Her tag-line is “Where Sassy meets Tradition,” which is exactly what I found.

I love that this dress could also be very versatile.  For the shower I chose a simple pink bow and Mary Janes.  But it was short and cute enough that I could have paired it with leggings or shorties.  Strappy Sandals.  A headband.  Cowgirl boots.  An Easter hat.  You name it.

After the baby shower when I asked my Pickle if she wanted to change her clothes, she refused.  She wanted to wear her beautiful dress all day!  It was fun.  It was comfortable.  It was durable.  It made her feel like a Princess.

And after a long day playing with family and friends… my little princess even slept in it.  Perfect.


We’re happy to offer one lucky reader there very own Nani Kalani dress! Just enter the Rafflecopter below!

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  1. my daughter is obsessed with dresses she is 4 and always wants to be a princess and she feels like wearing dresses makes her one so sometimes she will throw a fit if I don’t let her wear one!


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