Keeping Up with My “Stories” – From a Serial Blog Follower


When I hit roughly the seventh month of my first pregnancy, I couldn’t sleep. One night, instead of watching TV, I sat down at my computer at 3am. This was pre-joining Facebook, so I’m not sure the exact sequence of events, but somehow, I ended up finding the Dis Boards. I landed on their wedding page (I’m an event professional by trade) and I fell down the rabbit hole of reading planning journals. I stumbled onto one by a bride named Carrie, who documented her engagement and planning journey in a truly engaging way, and before I knew it, I was following up on her story (and other’s) daily.

Night after night, I’d look to see if there were any new entries. When there weren’t, I went to the trusty Google and typed in “blogs.” This initial night’s foray  opened the doors to an entire world on the Internet I didn’t know existed – Mom Blogs. And, my friends, I was hooked.

These became my modern day “stories,” so much like the soaps my Grandmother and Mom used to watch. I’ve followed some of these for close to nine years. I always say they’re like a good book, but better, because the story doesn’t end, and they’re almost always happy.

Here is who I keep track of (daily, because who am I kidding?):

When Sean Lowe became the Bachelor, I read somewhere (surely on one of the blogs) that his sister had a blog called Mix and Match Mama. I tracked that down REALLY quickly, and continued to monitor it to get the inside story on what the actual show entails (she did some amazing behind the scenes posts about her trip to visit him during taping). Since then, I’ve watched her oldest kids grow up and have followed along as they’ve grown their family two-fold through adoption.

Along the way, Mix and Match Mama linked to what used to be Pinterest Told Me To (now called Sheaffer Told Me To). Written by a fashion blogger who was obsessed with the Bachelor, who also happened to be Mix and Match Mama’s friend, and who to this day writes the funniest Bachelor recaps you ever will read. So funny, in fact, that after reading one of them out loud to my husband during a road trip, we started watching the Bachelor together JUST so we could read the recaps together. She is also solely responsible for about ½ of my wardrobe purchases in the last five years, and I can generally spot another PTMT reader a mile away, because they are wearing a “blardigan.” Look it up, it’s a thing.

One of the most popular in the Mom Blog world is Kelly’s Korner. What’s so interesting about her blog is that it started as a blog to document her pregnancy – not one for gaining readership. I’ve watched her daughters grow, loved hearing another “real mom’s” perspective on life, and gasped out loud along with tens of thousands of others when she announced she was having a third kiddo. And, I kid you not, when she re-Instagrammed my mention of her in my Takeover Tuesday for KMB it was basically the highlight of my social media life!

Another couple from the Dis Boards captured my attention, and the wife turned blogging into a full-time gig. I’ve followed her Disney Blog, her Disney Wedding Blog (sadly, now shut down) and her family blog. She is about the most honest blogger I’ve ever read, and I’ve forwarded her entries on the realities of cloth diapering, eating disorders and more over the years to friends that I thought would find them helpful. She also does a mean product review, and she’s been a go-to for me as I’ve had to make large purchases (or even just small fun ones) for my kids and for gifts for others. Fun fact: I got a picture of my new niece today wearing a sleep sack from one of her posts!

Then there are those that are not the standard, well-known blogs.

My best friend linked to a few blogs of other friends she has (keep in mind, people I’ve NEVER met).  When my blogs ran dry, I started clicking on those – and have now followed those for years. So much so that I’ve called pregnancies before they’ve been announced, reached out with prayers when I can tell something has occurred, and counted down the hours until their new kiddos entered the world. When I see these women at the weddings of my bestie’s kiddos in the next few decades, they’ll probably find it odd that someone they’ve never met knows so much about them (time to start working on my “I’m not a stalker, but…” speech).

Bringing it back to Carrie, she and her fiancé hired an amazing husband and wife duo called the Roots to photograph their wedding. I’ve followed their blog since, along with the most amazing (and often Disney-centered) wedding and family sessions. And because I love their work, they’ve photographed my family three times now. Carrie publishes Disney Travel Babble, which is always good for coverage of amazing, one-of-a-kind Disney experiences, and I use it to help keep my Disney bucket list full!

How many blogs do you follow on a daily basis? Which are your faves?


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