Is it Slaw, is it Salsa — It’s Slawsa! {Review}


I was asked to review Slawsa for a tailgate or BBQ, so we brought it out for a family cookout one weekend.  It was a good condiment for the men in our lives who love to add to their burgers, hots dogs, and brats.  That’s right, this Slawsa was tested on some brats.  It’s not just for men — it’s a good addition to the cookout or tailgate for everyone.  If you’re a fan of slaw and salsa then Slawsa is something worth trying at your next tailgate.


Something really fun about Slawsa is that they were on Shark Tank in 2013.  Since I’m a big Shark Tank fan, I was pretty excited to get to review a previous product from the show.  I was even more impressed when I browsed the website and found the page talking about their experience on Shark Tank.  It’s interesting to read about, and I think really shows the character and drive behind the product.

Slawsa has multiple flavors including original, spicy, garlic and spicy garlic.  Try Slawsa out for yourself.  You can find it in a grocery store near you located with the relish.  And find out more about Slawsa on their website.



Disclaimer: I received a jar of Slawsa in exchange for this review, but all my thoughts and opinions are my own.


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