Dear Community Strangers


Dear Strangers in the Community,

Thank you. This month has been an extremely difficult one for my family in many ways. My son has transitioned to daycare. My workload has doubled. Finances are troublesome. Sickness has made its way into our home. This list goes on, and yet the show must continue.

It’s in these moments where the little things truly matter. When you take the time to encourage my son in order to help me in the grocery store; thank you. To the trash man who has pulled my heavily-loaded garbage can out to the street for several weeks in a row because I can’t seem to remember that Monday is trash day; thank you. To the mother who did not make eye contact full of judgment during my son’s mental breakdown in the store, but instead offered a silent nod full of empathy; thank you. To the man who held out a high-five to lift my son’s spirits; thank you.  

Thank you a million times over.

As a mother who understands everyone’s life is just as busy as her own, if not more so, I do not take these small moments of kindness for granted. Not only are these reminders little bursts of encouragement that assure me all will be well, they are also a reminder for me to find time in my calendar for acts of kindness because they are that important.

They say, “It takes a village to raise a kid.” Well, they are right. There was a time in which I did not agree with this statement, but tables have turned and this saying now rings true to me. As a new month has started, it is my goal to be the stranger who brightens someone’s day through small acts of kindness.  

My heart is filled with love. Each and every time these moments occur I am amazed and thankful that I took a leap of faith in choosing Knoxville for my family. If you are thankful for an act of kindness someone in the community has done for you, please feel free to share your story in the comments below. Thank you all.

Yours Truly,

Another Stranger in the Community


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