When the Holidays Are Hard

The Holiday season is in full swing, and I’m having mixed feelings.  Part of me is excited, like I usually am this time of year.  But a larger part of me is a little resistant to the coming of...
Si vive per mangiare, non si mangia per vivere!  (Live to eat, don’t eat to live!) I have very fond memories of my childhood spent in Italy.  Some of the ones I hold closest to my heart are those spent...
Five out of my six years of living in Southeast Asia were spent celebrating Christmas in a culture that doesn't technically celebrate Christmas.  They liked the idea of Christmas.  They put up big Christmas decorations at their shopping malls...

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving! Today is all about surrounding ourselves with the people we love, counting our blessings, and eating a ton of good food! This is the first Thanksgiving in six years that my husband and I haven't traveled to...

The Core of Thanksgiving

If you asked me why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (and it is by the way), I might tell you it’s because Christmas stresses me out or because Thanksgiving is all about the delicious food. And while the food...

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