5 Summer Things I Love


It may be true that money can’t buy happiness, but these 5 things sure have been enjoyable this summer. I love them, Grayson loves them (well, maybe just the kiddie pool) and daddy gets to reap the rewards of a happy-go-lucky family (of course we’d be happy without them, but it’s all icing on the cake). So just in case you’re on the lookout for something pretty or entertaining for the kids, I started considering a few of the items that rock my world.


I also noticed that most of these things would be perfect birthday presents!

Obviously, you can’t buy a single-dimple Grayson smile or a Matt Honkonen chuckle or the smell of fresh summer air, and those are clearly the BEST. But the runners-up are…

1. Our hard-top kiddie pool. We used to have the soft version and the walls were always falling in (wah, wah). It was sad and depressing and now we have a cool, hard pool with a slide to boot, and no one cries in the end. Yay. We got ours from Walmart. Affordable and functional. What more could you want from a pool? A real in-ground pool is for weaklings. Sadly, I could not find our version online but it’s very similar to this one.

2. My engraved silver necklace from Box of Pearls, a Knoxville jewelry artist. It’s light weight with a classic style that goes with everything from work clothes to flowy shift dresses. It literally hasn’t come off this summer.

3. These cotton Turkish dishtowels for $12 each. The colors. The striped pattern. So lovely, soft and darling in our kitchen. I actually adore all the bright Turkish towels from Longest Thread.

4. Anything and everything from Bluetique Cheap Chic, the Knoxville apparel boutique on Market Square. Don’t let the college models dissuade you from finding something stylish and colorful for your summer wardrobe. There’s just no reason to dress like a bag lady with Bluetique around, and if their prices are on the higher side, thank goodness for Forever 21. It may take some searching but that store is fantastic for building a thrifty collection of summer clothes.

5. BOOKS, and lots of them. If you have 30 minutes to spare, start in on Where’d You Go, Bernadette. But don’t say I didn’t warn you that your reading time will turn into a 3-hour binge. It’s got everything a good book should: adventure, captivating characters and an enticing plot. The mommy-daughter relationship is rich and layered, without falling into old, played-out dichotomies. They will become a part of you, as any good characters should.

I hope your summer is beautiful. What items are you loving right now? Stories of single-dimple love are welcomed.


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